The Treasury Department of the Conference, led by the Treasurer, shall be responsible for providing financial leadership to the Conference which include, but not limited to, receiving, safeguarding, and disbursing all funds in harmony with the actions of the Executive Committee, for providing financial information to the President and to the Executive Committee, and for the performance of such other duties as usually pertain to such office.

  • The Treasury department, led by the Conference treasurer is also responsible for furnishing copies of the financial statement to the Northern Ghana Union Conference Officers.
  • The major work of the Conference Treasury, as indicated above, is to manage the sacred trusts from our church members and other donors for the support of evangelism and projects.
  • The treasury department sense this precious privilege of handling these resources, receiving and distributing them in accordance with Church policies.


  • To assist in the construction of Church Buildings in the districts.
  • To equip the Personal Ministries Department with modern evangelistic equipments.
  • To look into the possibility of establishing a camp site for the Conference.
  • To rehabilitate the Conference compound with assistance from other resident institutions.
  • To assist some districts with personages with support from the districts.
  • To assist in the construction of the win Moslems for Christ project at Darbaa.
  • To complete the remaining floors of the office complex.


  • Descent place of worship for greater number of our Churches
  • Less than 35% of church members returning tithes and offering.
  • Weekly tithes per capita very low (GH¢3.26)
  • Vast unentered area in terms of church planting.


  • Faithfulness among church members
  • Evangelism sponsorship for church planting.
  • Assistance in support of church building.