Pastor Doddridge Essuman an ordained minister of the Seventh Day Adventist Church is married to Mrs. Grace Essuman with whom the Lord has blessed with four children, Prince, Pius, Ellen and Andrews.

Pastor Doddridge Essuman has knowledge in Accountancy, Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Andrews University U.S.A. Nigeria Campus, Master of Arts degrees in Counseling Psychology and Systematic Theology from University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and Adventist University of Africa, Kenya. He has served the church as a district and church Pastor. He has also served in the education sector as a part-time lecturer at Valley View University, Techiman and Kumasi campuses. Currently he is the Stewardship and Publishing director at Central Ghana Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Church, the first Conference in Africa.


             Stewardship Department of Central Ghana Conference exist to actively support the Conference’s Mission of making disciples through spiritually revived and faithful stewards. The department therefore has the vision of facilitating the growth of a spiritual community of faithful Adventist believers.


Three major initiatives will be made to help drive the stewardship department in the Conference;

  1.  A comprehensive stewardship education strategy;
  2. A simplified approach to offerings; and
  3. A church finance communication strategy.
  4. 1.                  Stewardship education-What does this mean?

The stewardship education strategy shall be continued and expand of what the department has been doing in the recent past—a focus on a biblical understanding and application of stewardship. This educational strategy will form the foundation for the next two initiatives and is crucial to their success.

  1. 2.                  Tithes and offering:

The department still recommends the use of Combined Offering system. This shall be considered the giving system recommended and promoted by the Central Ghana Conference. This simplified system (combined offering) assures a balanced support for every level of God’s Church, because the Combined Offering system has all offerings going into one fund and then being distributed from there, even though it has its own challenges. This makes it important that the department shall implement a constant stewardship education as well as an effective finance communication process.

The Church members shall be educated and encouraged to contribute at least one fourth of their income for religious and charitable purposes as in the days of the Hebrews so as to claim God’s promise made in Malachi 3:11.

  1. 3.                  Finance Communication Strategy

With the world Church’s concept of Total Member Involvement (TMI), the Stewardship department will train all the districts Stewardship, Treasury, and Communication departments in the communication of church finances in a way that the average member can understand and builds trust in the church. We will cooperate with treasury in gathering and sharing this information. We will also be providing financial communication models for each level of the church organization.



  1. There shall be quarterly Stewardship promotions in all the districts of the conference beginning from January 2017.
  2. The department shall analyze funds reports of the districts with the help of the treasury after submission and visit districts whose monthly goal dropped during the month.
  3. The Stewardship department will encourage the secretariat of every church to pray for all those who submitted their tithes and offerings in the past week after their announcement reading.
  4. There shall be stewardship seminars like Job search, Job creation, a test of commitment, and etc. in all the districts during the period to help members to create and manage their Jobs well.
  5. . The department will conduct most of her seminars and trainings at the district level.
  6. District Pastors shall be given stewardship topics to write to solve problems they have observed in their areas and would be used during CGC’s own planned stewardship week programs.
  7. Stewardship will work in partnership with the treasury department of various districts to set up internal control systems for the receipting, transfer, and reporting of tithe and offerings
  8. Various Churches shall be encouraged to have individual member’s contribution record to facilitate easy access to one’s contribution record.
  9. There shall be stewardship committee meeting at the end of every quarter to assess the department’s activities during the quarter.
  10. Every district pastor shall be encouraged to ensure that he visits at least four churches in his district every Sabbath. During his visit, the pastor will ensure that every church member has a tithe envelop.
  11. At the end of every quarter, every district Pastor shall be encouraged to ensure that at least 90% of the church members return faithful tithe and offering to the Lord.
  12. District and church Pastors shall be advised to do tithe and offering analysis periodically to the church so that members may know the financial state of the church.
  13. Every church shall be advice to preach at least one Stewardship sermon every month.


The Publishing Department of Central Ghana Conference gives training to people of the publishing ministry, Home Health Education service, Adventist Book Center and literature evangelists.

With the inception of the Total Member Involvement (TMI) program, the department has the following laid down plan of actions to foster the growth of the publishing ministry in the next four years;

  1. To organize seminars for Literature Evangelists to equip them in their ministry;
    1. two (2) seminars every year for four years
    2. One (1) in the last Sunday of June.
    3. Shall organize one book fair every year to expose all books we have at the Conference to the General public.
    4. The department shall mount sales points at Okomfo Anokye teaching Hospital main entrance once every quarter with all the Central Ghana Conference Literature Evangelists and sell to the public.
    5.  There shall be promotions for additional Literature Evangelists in KMA Churches and some selected Churches outside Kumasi to increase the number of Literature Evangelists in the Conference.
    6.  The department shall visit the big non-Adventists Churches in the Kumasi Metropolis to introduce the books the department has for sale to them.