Our History

Seventh day Adventist message reached Gold Coast now Ghana in 1888 when Francis I. U. Dolphijn a Ghanaian who lived at Apam received the Sabbath message through a pamphlet from the International Tract Society. One William Kweku Attah Dawson of Fetteh and Mayenda, also in Fantiland, is said to have either preceded Dolphijn as first Adventist, or even the one who introduced Adventism to Dolphijn.

In 1893, the General Conference of SDA church officially dispatched the first missionary from America to Gold Coast. The missionaries Karl G. Rudolph and E. L Sanford arrived at Apam.

In 1894, the Gold Coast mission of SDA was established with the head quarters at Cape Coast which happened to be the head quarters of the SDA mission for West Africa. By this time Adventism had gained root in Gold Coast.

In 1914, W. H. Lewis, the first president of Gold Coast mission travelled to Kumasi, Asante in search of permanent head quarters. On November 1914, he chose Agona Asante as the missionary heardquarters after he had been heartily accepted by Nana Kwame Boakye 1 chief of Agona.  In 1915, marked the beginning of pioneering work in Asante. Much work was done by Lewis and his team which included J.K Gabra in Asant area especially Ntonso, Wiamoase, Asamang etc. Tradition holds that Lewis even met a Sabbath keeping family at Wiamoase when he officially sent the Adventist message to the place.

In 1931, Pastor Clifford arrived at Agona and in 1932 helped to established the Bekwai Training School (Evangelistic Training School/Seminary),

In 1933, the West African field was re-organized as a Gold Coast Union Mission with the mission based at Asante Bekwai. After Ghana’s independence on March 6, 1957, the Gold Coast Mission was renamed Ghana Mission with the head quarters now in Kumasi. Pastor C. B. Mensah became the first black president of the Ghana Mission in 1959. In 1968, the North Ghana Mission was curved out from Ghana Mission making Ghana mission re-organized with Pastor J.K Amoah as the president of the Ghana Mission. In 1970 the Mission was re-organized as Ghana conference. Ghana conference was re-organized in 1977 as Central Ghana Conference with the creation of South Ghana Mission. In 1986, the Central Ghana Conference with Pastor W.G Mensah as its president was again re-organized with the creation of Mid-West Ghana Mission. Then in 1998 also the South Central Ghana Conference was carved out from Central Ghana Conference and Central Ghana Conference was re-organized.

Throughout these periods of metamorphosis, a lot of church activities; example evangelism, Constituency meetings, camp-meetings, Youth Camps, anniversaries, building of churches, creation of church districts and establishment of institutions have successfully been undertaken.